16 July 2019  |  Admin

British Me Launch

British Me? Who came up with that one? Well... I did! Let me introduce myself, I'm Chris and I'll be your host whilst you browse the aisles so to speak, looking at our wares, and bargains galore. Back to the name; it was thought up as I wanted something simple to embody what it is we do, what we are about. British Me is both a statement and a form of request. British Me (I'm British) and British Me! (Go on and overload me with Britishness!). So we created a website that caters for people who enjoy the Britishness of being British, aswell as for those who just enjoy British brands and British icons. If you are already British then you will be aware of some of the brands we sell such as Simon's Cat, and then there's your internationally recognised icons such as anything with the Queen in. At the time of writing, we are just putting together the final touches of the website and putting it through its paces. Welcome to British Me!